Painted Kitchen And Remodel Reveal

 I am happy to say my kitchen is finally finished! Mostly. Just some walls that need to be painted, but major renovations are out of the way. It has been done for a little while but finding the time to clean it for pictures has taken me a while.

I hope you realize my kitchen is NEVER this clean. We use it a LOT with ten kids in the house.  It seems like the only time I can clean is after they go to bed or when they are off at school. I spent two or three hours cleaning and organizing in here today. I like it clean but it just does not last here.

Here's what it looked like before. You can see the whole post about our kitchen before here and here.
  When we began renovating our kitchen we wanted to paint the cabinets and change the range hood. If you want to see how we painted our cabinets check out this post.

We got an idea that raising the cabinets to the ceiling would really change the look of our whole kitchen.

We debated if we should build an inclosure on top of the cabinets so that it looks like the cabinets go to the ceiling or add a shelf under them.

If we added the enclosure it would be for decorative purposes only. I liked the idea of a shelf under the cabinets but worried it would not be functional.

We decided to go with a shelf under the cabinets and asked my brother who owns  Intelligent Design Woodwork for his help. He drew it for us so that we could visualize it better, then we took the cabinets to him. I would recommend him to anyone. He did a super job and you would think this is the way our cabinets were built from the beginning! Check out his website, he's awesome and does really unique stuff.

He also removed the appliance garage from the corner. I love how this opens up the counter space and just looks so much better! I don't know what we were thinking when we put that there!

It's nice to have family that help each other out! My brother-in-law installed our back splash and he did a super job. I've never had a back splash and I love how it gives our kitchen a complete look. It just looks finished!  Changing the hardware on the cabinets had a big impact too. I'm glad we didn't just change their color like we contemplated doing.

Our stools really needed to be repainted and I thought they would look cute in the accent color. Some people in the family liked them some didn't. Right now they are staying this color because painting stools is quite time consuming.

My husband painted the cabinets and installed the range hood, he also installed the lights under the cabinets. He is handy with just about anything and if he doesn't know how to do something he will look it up and learn how. He does everything with perfection and it has saved us a lot of money doing it ourselves. I feel so blessed to have such a great husband, and I sure am enjoying my New kitchen!

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