In the world of raw desserts, it’s pretty uncommon to find a recipe that doesn’t call for a large amount of nuts.  You know, those recipes that contain about 80% nuts and claim to be healthy.  That’s where I initially went wrong with incorporating more raw foods into my diet, eating too many raw “healthy” desserts.  There’s really nothing healthy about a dessert that, for example, contains 2 cups of cashews, a cup of almond flour and a cup of coconut oil because in the end “healthy” fat is still fat and too much of it is never good for your body.

If these so-called healthy raw dessert recipes that are heavy on the nuts are in fact healthy for you, then why do I always feel so sluggish and weighed down after I have them?  Does anyone else feel terrible after eating a slice of cashew cheesecake or walnut brownie? All I can say is that from personal experience I have noticed weight-gain when I was making desserts with nut-based flours and significant amounts of coconut oil.  Fat, regardless of whether or not it’s a healthy fat, means gaining fat if its consumed in excess.

Sure, they taste amazing most of the time but if your goal is to look and feel amazing then steer clear from high-fat raw desserts.  It’s important to not let the term “raw” fool you into automatically thinking “healthy”.  This is where I feel like some people get confused and might wonder why they’re not experiencing the results they expect on a raw vegan diet.

These smooth, rich and creamy fudge bites will literally melt in your mouth.  I was determined to make a treat that didn’t sacrifice the satisfaction that chocolate gives. This recipe will make you wonder why you ever used so many nuts in your raw desserts in the first place.

I love topping little bits of raw fudge brownie in my ice cream and smoothie bowls.  It adds the perfect texture and gooey chocolate taste.

This is a very popular dessert on my Instagram account and is the most frequently created recipe by my followers.  I think it’s so popular due to the fact that it’s not loaded with nuts, easy to make and can be enjoyed in abundance guilt-free.
Using just 4 simple ingredients, I was able to make this epic treat that will totally satisfy any chocolate craving.  It tastes much better than any processed chocolate and the real winning trait is how much cleaner this recipe is than any nut-based raw dessert.  You won’t be left with a high-fat hangover.

The secret ingredient that I used to replace nuts are: buckwheat groats! Buckwheat groats blended into flour has the same texture as almond flour but is much lower in fat. It’s the perfect replacement for nut flours.  Just experiment with it to find the right balance to replace nuts in your old raw dessert recipes. You can find buckwheat groats on Amazon.

I hope you try this low-fat treat and enjoy as many as you want, I recommend doubling the recipe since you can store it in the freezer for a few weeks – but I’m sure they won’t last that long.

Let me know in the comments below if you’re planning to or if  you’ve tried out this recipe. If you’re on Instagram, make sure to tag @raw_manda and #rawmanda in the caption so I can see your creations!

  • ½ cup buckwheat groats
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract (or bean)
  • 2 tbsp raw cacao powder (or carob)
  • 7 medjool dates
  • 5-7 tbsp water


  1. Line a small container with saran wrap
  2. Blend buckwheat groats in a high-speed blender or food processor until you get a fine consistency like flour.
  3. Add vanilla extract, cacao and dates to the blender
  4. Slowly add water as you blend.
  5. Scoop out mixture and spread evenly in saran-lined pan.
  6. Freeze overnight.
  7. Cut into squares and store in an air-right container in the freezer.

If you're not using fresh soft dates, soak them for an hour before.
I wet my hands to make it easier to manage the fudge, it's very sticky! You can also wet your hands and roll/shape fudge into balls/squares.


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